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Jiffy Pop Culture

Sep 29, 2021

Corky Sinclair (Director, Understudy: Johnny) A Blaine transplant from New York City, where he was seen in many Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway productions (but no gay bars), including “I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking My Chapstick With Me” as well as “Chicken Pox: The Musical!” (with Ann B. Davis), Corky...

Sep 23, 2021

Rutanya Alda is known for her work as Carol Ann in Mommie Dearest (1981). She also appeared in The Deer Hunter (1978) and Amityville II: The Possession (1982).

Sep 22, 2021

Brooke shields mom makes a questionable decision to let her 14-year-old star in a film that’s a 97 minute sex scene on Gilligan’s Island.

Sep 15, 2021

Satan goes to AA! Satan is now a high school freshman with a taste for Appletinis! See Satan audition for the glee club singing Carole King, suck a gin out of a watermelon really fast so that nobody else can get a taste, and kill a horse by riding it into route 66!

Sep 8, 2021

SWF-Niece of Jane Fonda looking for roommate. Professional preferred, must make me tea, answer all my phone calls, and know that my haircut has a copyright license. Dog throwing skills a must.