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Jiffy Pop Culture

Jan 5, 2022

Hey bud, let’s party! Greatest hits of fast Times at Ridgemont high, volume 1
Side A
1. Everyone’s on Dope - The Mr. Hands
2. Little Prick - The Damones
3. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Jerk Off Fantasy Bikini - Phoebe and the MasterCates
4. You Dick - The Spicolis
5. Single Successful Guy - The Ugly Brads

Side B
1. Stacy Needs a Ride - The Banned Parenthoods
2. I Got it from the Network - The Stu Nahans
3. Heart in my Hand - Vargas and the Sankas
4. Awesome, Totally Awesome - The Gnarlys
5. It’s Just He’s So Boring - RATT (ner)